Grey Flannel CologneGrey Flannel Cologne is a very crisp and green fragrance which has a violet leaf ingredient. Although it can smell kind of bitter it will absolutely leave you on the floor. There are so many complex ingredients that go into this fragrance. It’s very peppery and woody, at times it can even be considered metallic.

There aren’t any other fragrances that smell like this one, which is why it has been so successful in the market. It has such a classic feel to it, timeless. Guarantee that many people are going to be purchasing this scent for years on end. It’s perfect for a business setting, and if you are going to wear a suit. The product projects a certain type of attitude that is very professional and intimidating.

This product is very appealing towards women as well, which is why men seem to enjoy it so much. This perfume smells exactly like it did when it was created in the 90’s and it still contains floral ingredients. The smell lasts for a long period of time, and the sandalwood is a great ingredient to set it apart from the rest. This is a very cheap cologne which can be found in any generic store, and you can get a fairly large size of it for only $15.

If you knew what Grey Flannel was when you first bought it then you are pretty much going to be experiencing the same smell – but the ingredients may have been cheapened just a bit. Many men continue to wear this scent and do so because it goes with any type of apparel and on any occasion. It’s affordable, effective and classic.

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