Women are always fond of perfumes. They like everything that can be used for their embellishment. There are many things available that can be used by the women to look good. But the only thing present that can be used to smell good is cologne. Women like to grab attention and a good perfume can help them getting an adorable glance from everyone they meet.

It also helps them in making a lasting impression on the people. It is believed that the personality of a woman can be known by the type of perfume she wears. Some of the women like sweet and light fragrance while others wish to smell like men. So, a number of types of best perfumes for women are available.

Each has some unique qualities that make it likable by the women folk. Perfumes occupy a very special place in the life of women. They are considered as the invisible accessories that complete the attire of a woman. A woman without wearing perfume is rare to find. Every woman wishes to wear a good fragrance and reviews of some of the best scents for women are provided here for their help.

Chanel No.5 Chanel No.5

The Chanel Number 5 by Coco Chanel is one of the finest perfumes present in the world. The essence of this fragrance has made it known among the best colognes for women. This floral-aldehydic fragrance of this perfume is just perfect for any women. It has an appealing smell that makes one stand apart in the crowd. It is very popular and every woman desires to have this in her bag of fragrances. The ultimate essence of Chanel number 5 is a blend of many fragrances and is absolutely unique. This product costs around $115 and can also be bought on low price from many online stores.

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Dolce & Gabbana’s Pour Femme Dolce & Gabbana's Pour Femme

This perfume is no less than the perfumes in the list of best colognes for women. This ladylike fragrance contains a blend of orange, marigold and vanilla. It is mostly worn on winter and spring. Many women prefer to wear these on summer nights as well. Whatever may be the time and season, the aroma of this perfume can attract any floral lover. The price of these perfumes are known to be $80 and it can be said that the composition of this perfume truly deserve this price.

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Delices de Cartier by Cartier Delices de Cartier by Cartier

It is an essence that can make anyone happy. The presence of floral and fruity notes in its fragrance spreads the charm of girlishness all over. This item is best for women of all ages but generally young women wear this fragrance and feel like princesses. The aromatic liquid comes in a very attractive bottle that speaks about the qualities of its fragrance. The incredible sweetness of its essence is much acknowledged by all the women.

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Obsession by Calvin Klein Obsession by Calvin Klein

The smell and lasting are the two things that anyone sees while buying a perfume. And the obsession from Calvin Klein is full of these two qualities. This fragrance is truly made for women who want their smell to be simply hot and sexy. And the inviting smell of this fragrance serves the purpose for sure. It is very popular smell and is selected by many elegant ladies across the world.

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Lacoste’s Touch of Pink Lacoste Touch of Pink

Pink is considered as the colour of girls. And this perfume comes in a very eye-catching pink coloured bottle that reflects femininity. The slender shape of the bottle says that it is completely made for women. This perfume is considered as the favourite of many women and is included in the best fragrances for women. Womanhood can be found in every drop of its sweet smelling liquid. The fragrance contains the notes of orange and cardamom. The light essence of the perfume makes it suitable for romantic day outs in summer.

Women love the presence of perfumes and the best perfumes for women make others to fall in love with the presence of women.

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